Saul Stokes Live in San Francisco, June 27

Just received this note from Saul Stokes about his performance TONIGHT in San Francisco, CA. Yes, it’s short notice, but in case you might be able to make it… Saul says:

Greetings! A very last minute email about a very last minute concert!
I’ll be performing live this Thursday night (6-27) in San Francisco.
Expect a invigorating summer remix of Sleek Nucleus and Villa
Galaxia. More info below:

F8 LIVE presents: Unnatural Ways, Impuritan, & Saul Stokes
Thursday at 9:00pm
1192 Folsom in San Francisco, California


For those of you on the East Coast, I will be in Philadelphia this
November for The Gathering Series. More to come…

Saul Stokes w/Delicate Monster – 16 November 2013


Saul Stokes is recognized as one of the leading voices in modern
Electronic Music. Described as “fresh and inventive”, Stokes brings
together elements of Space, Ambient, Industrial and
Intelligent-Techno and forges a sound uniquely his own. The immediacy
of the live setting brings out Stokes’ talent for creating floating
spacemusic. Using unique, self-designed and constructed electronic
instruments, he effortlessly conjures up completely improvised
electronic soundscapes. Local innovative music duo Delicate Monster

Washed in Mercury by Saul Stokes Updated With MP3 Samples

We’ve just updated the debut album by Saul Stokes, Washed in Mercury — which was also the first CD Hypnos ever released back in February 1997 — with and MP3 samples and additional info.


Saul Stokes – Washed in Mercury – Informational Listing

Hypnos Store Listing – Washed in Mercury for $8.99

If you’re not sure you want to visit the links but still want to hear samples, here’s a track listing with MP3 sample clips:

Track listing with MP3 sample clips:

01 We Found It At Io
02 Deep in the Grass
03 Tunnel Twins
04 Zona
05 Kasei
06 Clearing
07 Sweet Paraffin
(Total playing time: 63 minutes)

Updated Listing: Saul Stokes – Outfolding

Further updated CD listings – additionalinformation, reviews, and MP3 sample clips. The most recent update is Outfolding by Saul Stokes.


Saul Stokes – Outfolding – Informational Listing

Hypnos Store Listing – Outfolding for $11.99

If you’re not sure you want to visit the links but still want to hear samples, here’s a track listing with MP3 sample clips:

Track listing, with mp3 sample clips:
01 Hurried Space (10.06)
02 Greys (04.18)
03 Somewhere Current (07.22)
04 The Far Edge of Suburban Station (07.07)
05 Below (10.22)
06 Cloud Shaping (05.34)
07 Conundrum (05.07)
08 Quiet Antenna (08.41)
09 Thick Streets (06.26)

April 2011 News Archive

(all April 2011 news updates are combined to one entry below)


We were sorry to see the Foundry label cease operations a few years back, but we’ve just obtained copies of their last 3 releases for sale through the
Hypnos store, including items from some of our favorite artists.

Saul Stokes – Vast
(Foundry category)
(Price: $13.99)
Saul Stokes returns to the music scene with Vast, a showcase for his unique brand of electronica. With Vast Stokes explores new territory utilizing a highly
developed lyrical sense built, as ever, on the idiosyncratic sound of his hand-forged equipment. These tracks are truly multi-faceted, and the many detailed sonic embellishments,
as well as the fluid structures, set Vast apart….
Forrest Fang & Carl Weingarten – Invisibility
(Foundry category)
(Price: $13.99)
Invisibility emerges from a collaboration between Forrest Fang and Carl Weingarten, built on the strong and distinct musical personalities of these two artists.
Carl Weingarten displays his assured guitar playing, a unique style that exploits a variety of sounds and a penetrating melodic sensibility. Forrest Fang builds well-balanced
arrangements and develops intricate textural tapestries with a sonic palette drawn largely, but not exclusively, from Weingarten’s guitar work. The result is a series of enthralling
landscapes and tableaus, subtly, but definitively, coloured by the musical insight of Fang and Weingarten. And while the integration of guitar, synthesis and processing may suggest
a kind of invisibility in terms of seamlessness, the music is anything but invisible. On first hearing Invisibility is beautifully simple, but repeated listenings will reveal the strong
underlying texture and structure that makes this release special…
M. Bentley – This World
(Foundry category)
(Price: $13.99)
This World gracefully integrates M. Bentley’s various approaches to sound design and composition. Created with a combination of DSP tools, field recordings
and more conventional synthesis, the suites Chronos & Kairos and Import are related thematically and conceptually. These pieces are extended audio snapshots, sonic gestures
towards narrative and story-telling. In one sense this is programme music for the 21st century, or perhaps a soundtrack for memoirs never written….


Yet another new batch of additions to the Hypnos store, this time from the Projekt label. Included
are a new one from Forrest Fang’s Sans Serif Project (whose first release came out on Hypnos Secret Sounds) and a classic Vidna Obmana album I can’t
believe we never carried until now.

Jeff Greinke – Cities in Fog 2
(Projekt category)
(Price: $11.99)
Sequel to the classic “Cities in Fog” album by Greinke.

Jeff writes:
After arriving in Seattle, I settled in an apartment on a hill overlooking a warehouse district. I became fond of taking late-night walks and listening to the activity in the valley.
At that hour most of the everyday buzz of the city was hushed, so the distant clankings of the industrial area were more audible. I found the resultant soundworld mesmerizing.
Experiences like these come home with me and find their way into the studio, inevitably working their way into my music. Cities in Fog 2 represents my ongoing interest in everyday
sounds and in working with such sounds to construct surrealistic late-night urban musical landscapes

Vidna Obmana – Ending Mirage
(Projekt category)
(Price: $11.99)
I can’t believe we never listed Ending Mirage for sale here before now, but it’s true. Here’s a great classic ambient
album from before the birth of Hypnos! Recorded January-June 1992. Originally released in a limited edition on the ND label, then released as part of The Trilogy set.

1. Siren
2. Mellow at heart
3. Luxurious fragment (in two parts)
4. Ending mirage
5. Monumental dreaming
6. Mellow at heart (vocal reprose)….

Forrest Fang – Phantoms
(Projekt category)
(Price: $13.99)
Phantoms is Forrest Fang’s 9th solo album and the follow-up to his Projekt release, Gongland. Nearly eight years in the making, Phantoms builds
on the gamelan-influenced soundscapes of its predecessor by weaving organic sounds of non-Western stringed and percussion instruments and filtering those
sounds through a rich melodic tapestry of warm and vaporous atmospheres. Fang’s subtly layered and continually evolving textures combine his Asian influences
with his love of fractal algorithms that reflect the chaotic beauty of nature. The ambiences of Phantoms evoke a state of contemplation within a world in flux. The
centerpiece of the album is a 23-minute ambient suite “The Hallucinations of Hung Tung” inspired by the otherworldly paintings of a Taiwanese fisherman and outsider artist…
Forrest Fang’s Sans Serif: Unbound
(Projekt category)
(Price: $13.99)
Unbound is veteran ambient musician Forrest Fang exploring lush and abstract terrain under the Sans Serif moniker. Using very small – at times microscopic –
sounds as source material, Fang utilizes a vocabulary of long shimmering tones that gradually warp, mutate and transform over the course of a piece….


New stuff flowing like a river into the Hypnos store! We bring ’em in, you buy ’em!
This one’s a nice looking and great sounding indie release by a new artist named Hollan Holmes. It has a bit of a Steve Roach flavor, because
it was mastered by Roach, but aside from any influence it’s very nice work in its own right. We love discovering new names like this, and
hope to hear more from Hollan in the future.

Hollan Holmes – A Distant Light
(Miscellaneous category)
(Price: $9.99)
Hollan says:
A Distant Light, my debut CD, is the result of a dream that started as a young man, to create music that would capture people’s imaginations. While my music is always a
deeply personal journey, I derive great joy from sharing it with others. My love of synthesizers and the creative process have inspired me to compose music that transforms
my consciousness and feeds my spirit. It is a form of expression, of prayer and meditation, and reflection. The music on A Distant Light was composed between 2007 and
2010 and was mastered by Steve Roach at the Time Room in Arizona. It is with great honor that I share my work and I thank you for listening



We’re picking up steam with our new CD releases, and it’s only been a little more than a month between our last and our new one, Avatara by Steve Brand.
It’s yet another digipak format CD release (similar to recent releases by Herion and NebulÊ), and our first Steve Brand release on the Hypnos label proper after two releases
on our Secret Sounds imprint.

Artist: Steve Brand
Title: Avatara
Label: Hypnos CD (digipak)

Steve Brand - Avatara

Steve Brand got his start releasing experimental music under the name “Augur,” and more recently switched
over to releasing music under his own name (both solo and in collaboration with such artists
as Ishq and Disturbed Earth) on the Atmoworks, Hypnos Secret Sounds and Relaxed Machinery labels. He’s quickly established
himself as one of the more interesting and distinctive artists working in ambient music, and having released two
albums Bridge to Nowhere and Children of Alcyone on Hypnos Secret Sounds in 2008 and 2009, we’re very
excited to follow up with Steve Brand’s new album Avatara on the main Hypnos imprint.
This album has a ritual feel common to many of Brand’s recordings, though Avatara is more ambient and less percussive.
The recording starts out in a place of low-key contemplation and evolves through distinct stages and moods, though it is always gentle and meditative.

Steve Brand describes some of the inspirations behind this album:
Avatara is Sanskrit for “descent” in the sense of a deity’s descent from heaven to earth. Avatara is inspired by the various avatars of various ages and cultures…Yeshua,
Quan Yin, Buddha, Brigit, Krishna, Saint Germain, White Buffalo Calf Woman, and others. Iím fascinated by the idea and the various stories in various ages and cultures of
humans becoming “ascended masters,” or avatars, non-human beings that still are attached to humans and choose to returns to Earth to assist them. The stories vary, and
almost every culture has its masters, but one thing is consistent throughout each of their stories, they’ve realized a more expanded expression of being and awareness, of
what we are and what we are capable of, and return to assist other human beings.

Track listing, with mp3 sample clips:
01 – Avatara – 5:09 MP3 clip
02 – The Far Shore – 8:45 MP3 clip
03 – Morning Glory – 12:09 MP3 clip
04 – Still Here (breathing space) – 13:38 MP3 clip
05 – Act of Creation – 14:26 MP3 clip
06 – Avatara (deathless) – 7:10 MP3 clip

Purchase for $12.99 on Hypnos Online Store

Avatara digipak exterior

Avatara digipak interior

Purchase for $12.99 on Hypnos Online Store


Another new item in the Hypnos store, this time from Resonant Drift. It’s mastered and with additional “enhancements”
by Steve Roach so you know it sounds good!

Resonant Drift – Passages
(Resonant Drift category)
(Price: $12.99)
This release has the feel of being made from the moment while at the same time woven with layers of subtle innerplay and amorphous, shifting spaces.
The 10 pieces or passages find inspiration in part from the challenges faced when traversing a path to enlightenment. Mastered and sonic enhancements by Steve Roach…


For a lot of you, all I’m going to need to say is “new from Steve Roach,”
and you’re going to high-tail it over to the Hypnos store to buy.

Steve Roach – Immersion Five: Circadian Rhythms (2CD)
(Steve Roach category)
(Price: $20.99 2CD)
The Immersion series takes a compelling turn, moving towards a new perspective on Steve\’s Immersion experience. Disc one, Circadian
Rhythms explores a sensual flow of harmonic suspension and sparse melodic mantra-like patterns hovering over rhythmic spaces and mercurial zones. Opening up
within an organic analog modular garden of sound, a pulsing undulating groove spiral emerges, creating a suspended sensation of constant flow while hovering in the
now. Circadian Rhythms moves through a continuous 73-minute flow in three phases.

Disc two, Shroud of Night was created from a blend of Steve\’s unique textural electric guitar and harmonic synth alchemy. The strands of emotion contained within
this long-form atmosphere take on a feeling of clouds illuminated by full moonlight wafting into the deep hours of the night. This is a place of pure immersion and sonic
warmth. Tested on infinite-repeat mode for over a year throughout all times of the day, into the night and beyond. Immerse thyself, once again…

Steve Roach/Brian Parnham – The Desert Inbetween
(Projekt category)
(Price: $13.99)
Steve Roach’s unique soundquests continue to take him and his listeners on powerful journeys to worlds at once alien and familiar. On The Desert
Inbetween, Roach teams up with fellow synthesist/percussionist/didgeridoo player Brian Parnham to explore a hybrid electronic acoustic soundworld sure to please listeners
of Suspended Memories and Origins-era tribalism as well as The Serpent\’s Lair-styled electronics…

(all February 2010 news updates are combined to one entry below)


Here are four new reviews of Hypnos and Hypnos Secret Sounds discs, by
The text of the reviews appears below, with cover graphics inserted because people like cover graphics!

Four new releases from the Hypnos camp, three of them very much ‚Äòin the tradition’ and the fourth a surprisingly noisier recording. Regardless of individual
differences, they’re all quality releases, much as we’ve come to expect from the label.

Let’s start with the earliest of the four, Seren Ffordd’s Stellar Nurseries, which is actually a reissue of a 2004 release (the first in a planned series of recordings
previously issued on Umbra and Penumbra, Italy-based labels managed by Oophoi) he created using a Korg 016 and a Yamaha PSR 262 keyboard. It’s an hour-long,
single-movement work that the Wales-based Ffordd splits into four figurative sections: ‘Out of the Void,’ù ‘Storm Movement,’ ‘Spiral Dance,’ù and ‘Floating, Dreaming.’ù
By way of context, the artist’s notes describe huge, drifting clouds of molecular gases that turn star-like, then gradually increase in heat and movement until ignition
occurs, after which lighter and heavier elements are pushed and pulled by gravitational forces until planets form. There’s a suspended and drifting quality to the
material, with cloud-like washes and tones extending for minutes at a time like massive exhalations taking place thousands of kilometres above the earth or perhaps
nebulae coming into focus in slow-motion. Shifts in emphasis alternate between the rumbling lower to ascendent higher tones, and wave-like surges in intensity
occur too, lending the material an industrial character in the process. An undercurrent of controlled aggression and pressure dominates the first half, until an
abrupt termination strips the material down to a sole, organ-like nucleus around which synthetic tones languorously congregate as the sound mass thickens. In
contrast to the first, the mood of the second half is lambent, serene, and melancholy, rather requiem-like in spirit as if in mourning for the death of a star. Ultimately,
the programmatic connections between the section titles and the work itself are easily drawn in Ffordd’s beautifully sustained meditation.

A supra-terrestrial theme also runs through Children of Alcyone, the second release by Steve Brand (who’s also issued recordings under the Augur name) to appear
on Hypnos Secret Sounds. The inspiration for the work came from the writings of Barbara Marciniak whose books supposedly channel information from the Pleiadians,
distant ancestors of ours from the Pleiades constellation (Alcyone, incidentally, the name of the constellation’s ‘central sun’). Initial sound sketches for the recording
were produced in September 2007 during a master class taught by Steve Roach and were refined subsequent to it at Brand’s studio. The material on Children of
Alcyone is minimal, even simple, by design but is alluring nonetheless. Lonely tones whistle to one another across immense expanses, and a melancholy spirit
shadows the four calming meditations. A brooding epic of long tones and ringing percussive flourishes, ‘Outside the Grid of Time’ forcefully draws the listener into its
murky depths, but the recording’s coup de grace is the stirring ‘Light Age’ where minimal synthetic tones unfurl gracefully for an entrancing twenty-three minutes.
Showing a deft and pitch-perfect touch, Brand skilfully weaves the elements into hypnotic form, never hurrying the material along nor slowing it down too much either.
The result is that rare thing: ambient music that’s both artful and moving.

The fifty-minute Primal Mystification is the first release by Mystified (aka US ambient-electronic musician Thomas Park) to appear on Hypnos Secret Sounds. Park is
no novice, as he’s collaborated with artists such as Nunc Stans (One Thousand Dreams, Dataobscura), Robin Storey (Rapoon), and Nigel Ayers (Nocturnal Emissions).
The four tracks on Primal Mystification are restrained in character and induce a state of calm in the listener‚Ä”which isn’t to suggest they’re uneventful, as there’s lots
of activity and detail on display. Likening the mercurial drone sounds to the emergence of human beings from the ‚Äòprimordial ooze,’ Park shapes minimal elements
(some of it created from field recordings) into ten-minute-plus settings of placid design using ringing ambient washes, willowy synthetics, elemental percussive
patterns, and simple melodic phrases voiced by piano. In ‘Massive Turning,’ù elegant piano playing drapes itself across long-form droning tones anchored by a gently
swinging rhythm track made up of acoustic-sounding percussive elements (hand drums, bells). ‘Departing Certainty’ exudes a ghostly, even tribal quality in its
crystalline swirls and cavernous rumble, while both ‘Not Knowing Where,’ its nocturnal whistling tones animated by a midtempo rhythm track, and ‘Back to the Primal,’ù
its ethereal shimmer augmented by Eastern-sounding percussive pulsations, are energized by comparison.

The relative wild card of the four, Viridian Sun’s Infinite In All Directions is a different animal altogether. The group itself is a joint venture into abstract improvisation
involving Hypnos founder Mike Griffin and Hypnos solo artist David Tollefson, whose last Viridian Sun album, Perihelion, appeared a decade ago. Eschewing
synthesizers, Griffin and Tollefson build the album’s seven tracks from electronically treated and looped guitars, basses, and percussion. On the surface, there’s
not a radical degree of difference between Viridian Sun and the other artists in terms of sound-tones stretch out as extensively on Infinite In All Directions as they
do on the other recordings, and Griffin and Tollefson also shape their base elements into sustained drones but in a number of pieces the elements themselves are
often harder-edged and swell to more extreme levels of intensity and aggression (check out the industrial guitar squalls that blow through ’40 Hz Emergence’ as an
example in a way that’s a tad reminiscent of Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint too). The material also often exudes a trippy character that verges on psychedelic
or phantasmagoric. At certain moments, for example, ‘Four Times I Slept For A Year’ becomes an almost kosmische musik-like exercise when cycling elements
pulsate to psychotropic effect. Elsewhere, sheets of metallic sound surge during ‘Magnetars Cast No Shadow,’ and phantom guitar drones spiral through ‘Light Years
From Here.’ The rawness of Viridian Sun’s attack may give Infinite In All Directions a visceral edge over the three other recordings, but again it’s all quality stuff that
more than enhances Hypnos’s reputation for distinguished soundscaping.

February 2010

Our thanks to Textura for the quad-review!


Latest batch of imported CDs from Oophoi (and some associated Italian ambient artists) just added to the
Hypnos Store today.

Aqua Dorsa – Cloudlands
(Glacial Movememnts category)
(Price: $12.99)
Aqua Dorsa is a new musical Italian ambient project formed by Enrico Coniglio and Oophoi.Their first work Cloudlands is a
perfect mix of glitch,classical and orchestral glacial ambient soundscape….
Oophoi – Whispers from the Noisy Void
(Databloem category)
(Price: $12.99)
Re-mastered reissue of Oophoi’s classic album. Compilation with tracks from Cryosphere, Lightnoise and World of Shadows Oophoi
plays synths, samples, sampled voices, percussion, lap steel guitar, electronics….
Oophoi – The Dreaming of Shells
(Databloem category)
(Price: $12.99)
Considered by many as one of Oophoi\’s best albums. Oophoi\’s The Dreaming of Shells is a breathtaking descent straight to an unknown
chasm where small clouds of fine luminescent dust drift away, splitting obscure cold waters, swaying to the sound of cavernous tones… This is a submarine
hidden chorus, an ode of sirens\’voices singing ageless chants… a rain of fragmented glittering particles brushing submerged walls, while golden refractions
sleep buried in the fissures… The dreams of shells is a meeting with a resonating radiant world of its own, a long dive in apnea scattered with amazements.
Oophoi plays synthesizer, electronics, flute (bamboo), percussion, performer (monochord, crystals), voice, singing bowls….
Zaum Vol. 1 (various artists)
(Miscellaneous category)
(Price: $12.99)
A selection of Italian ambient works, specifically composed for this release. Compiled by Enrico Coniglio & Emanuele Errante,
this is a stunning mix of beat & non-beat pure ambient tunes that shift between isolationist & glacial atmospheres….


We’ve wanted to put one of our favorite Jeff Pearce albums back in print for a long time, and it’s
finally here!

Artist: Jeff Pearce
Title: Daylight Slowly (2010 reissue)
Label: Hypnos CD

Jeff Pearce - Daylight Slowly

2010 reissue of Pearce’s first Hypnos album, out of print since 2002. Many Jeff Pearce listeners
missed this original release, and may have wanted to catch up on this wonderful collection of
early Jeff Pearce guitar ambience. Pearce has moved on to a more direct and musical (as opposed
to ethereal and absctract) direction in recent years, and uses a Chapman Stick now rather than an
electric guitar, so if you miss the earlier work in this style, give this a listen. We even
replaced the old-fashioned Real Audio samples with ultra-modern new MP3 sample clips!

Examples of praise for the first release:
“Best of the year list.”

–Eric Meece, KKUP Radio

–Vladimir Jovanovic, Inner Space Radio, Zagreb, Croatia

–Scott Raymond (#1 ranking for the year), WVKR radio

–Chuck VanZyl, Star’s End Radio, WXPN, Philadelphia

Daylight Slowly, his latest solo album, is another deliciously slow,
shimmeringly serene album of processed electric guitar. “
–John Dilberto, Echoes Radio

“The most “romantic” cd of Hypnos Label. Has a strange light and a sensation of time slow-down…”

–Massimo Pavan, Italy

Daylight Slowly tracks include:
01. Inner Light MP3 sample
02. Spirals MP3 sample
03. Cloud Water Rising MP3 sample
04. Labyrinth MP3 sample
05. Quiet and Clear MP3 sample
06. The Broken Places MP3 sample
07. Known Presence MP3 sample
08. Delta MP3 sample
09. Through Darkened Halls MP3 sample
10. 11/11 MP3 sample
11. Inner Storms MP3 sample
12. Daylight Slowly MP3 sample
13. Passage to Home MP3 sample

Purchase direct for $10.99


We just received a bunch of extra copies of the Saul Stokes album Abstraction
so VERY many copies that we’re going to drop the price (with Saul’s approval). It was
$14.99 originally, $12.99 when the Green House label shut down, and we’re offering these
last copies on the
Hypnos Store at the very attractive
new price. Here’s the direct link to
buy Abstraction for $9.99.


Just received the discs for our long-awaited reissue of Jeff Pearce’s out of print first
Hypnos release Daylight Slowly. We’ll be assembling copies and making the CD
available on our Hypnos Store very