Robert Rich – Trances & Drones (2cd)

Artist: Robert Rich
Title: Trances & Drones
Label: Hypnos/Soundscape (digipak+booklet 2CD)

Robert Rich - Trances & Drones (2cd)

2013. Hypnos is pleased to collaborate with Robert Rich on this deluxe reissue of Rich’s out of print classic ambient drone work.

Originally released on cassette individually three decades ago, Trances and Drones were later released together on double-CD by Extreme (1994) and Release (2000). Our new edition, designed to be the ultimate archival version of an essential ambient/drone classic, includes a beautiful 6-panel digipak with 8-page full-color booklet insert.

Robert Rich - Trances & Drones (2CD) - exterior

Robert Rich - Trances & Drones (2CD) - interior

Track listing (with MP3 sample clips):
1. Cave Paintings (23:54)
2. Hayagriva (25:13)
3. Sunyata (Emptiness) (22:50)

1. Seascape (29:59)
2. Wheel of Earth (27:58)
3. Resonance (12:17)

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Robert Rich Trances & Drones Cover Preview

We’ve been working on a 2CD reissue of Robert Rich’s landmark album Trances & Drones. The album is going into production this week, so we should have an expected release date soon.

Here’s a sneak peak at the cover. We wanted to incorporate the circular calligraphic figure that appeared on the covers of the first two versions of Trances & Drones, while at the same time giving it a different feel.

As with the recent Sunyata & Inner Landscapes reissue, this will be a special package – two CDs in a 6-panel digipak, plus an 8-page full-color booklet insert.

This album was an important formative influence to my own ambient recordings as M. Griffin, and also to my philosophical approach to the genre as founder of Hypnos Recordings. It’s no exaggeration when I say the opportunity to release this music on Hypnos is among the most satisfying of all my endeavors as a label owner.