New Coupon Codes: 15PERCT & TWENTY100

Usually when we release a new CD, we offer it at a discount for the first week to give people an opportunity to pick up the latest Hypnos music at the lowest possible price.

Today’s release day for Trances & Drones by Robert Rich, but rather than discount that great new double-CD by a few bucks, we’ve decide to hand out a couple of new coupon codes:

15PERCT gives 15% off any size order, no minimum.

TWENTY100 gives 20% off orders over $100 minimum.

Both codes are good today and tomorrow (July 9 and 10) only!

Also, it’s worth mentioning we continue adding lots of new items to the store’s CLOSEOUT section… most recently, almost 50 items on the Dark Duck label.

Here’s a direct link to the STOREFRONT.