March 2013 Radio Top 20, Mystic Music

Here’s the March 2013 airplay Top 20 list for Mystic Music on — our thanks to host Eric Meece for playing Urbs by Bruno Sanfilippo (along with lots of other great stuff) during March.

1. Ken Elkinson – Music For Telecommuting Volumes 1 & 2 – Early Morning / Late Morning – August Son Productions
2. Max Corbacho – The Ocean Inside – ad21 Music
3. Robert Carty – Beautiful Depths – Deep Sky Music
4. Various Artists – Doomsday and Brimstone – Sound For Good
5. Altus – Excursion Two – Earth Mantra
6. Ishq – Timelapse in Mercury – Virtual Space
7. Altus – Excursion One – Earth Mantra
8. Steve Roach – Dynamic Stillness – Projekt
9. Bruno Sanfilippo – Subliminal Pulse – Lotuspike – Spotted Peccary Music
10. Erik Wøllo – Airborne – Projekt
11. Various Artists – All is Calm 2012 – Free Floating Music
12. Craig Padilla – The Heart Of The Soul – Spotted Peccary Music
13. Spheric Lounge – Session 10
14. Andrew Lahiff – The Constant Horizon – Self Released
15. Magnetic Wind – 11 – Self-Released
16. Robert Carty – Ecoroots – Deep Sky Music
17. Timothy Wenzel – A Coalescence of Dreams – Self Released
18. (val)liam – Early Reflections
19. Bruno Sanfilippo – Urbs – Hypnos Recordings
20. Thom Brennan – Mountains

Three From Hypnos on Star’s End 2012 Best Show (Part 1)

On Part 1 of Star’s End Radio’s show recapping the best releases of 2012, three Hypnos CDs received airplay (along with lots of other great stuff). Our thanks to Chuck van Zyl, Star’s End host — the support is appreciated.

STAR’S END 1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning Playlist for 1 January 2012
88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia|99.7fmWXPH HarrisburgPA|90.5fmWKHS Worton/BaltimoreMD|
Host: Chuck van Zyl

* 2012 – Year in Review Part One *


Robert Schroeder – Esthetique – Esthetique (spheric)
Dan Pound – Life Stages – Cocoon (self-released)
Liquid Stranger – Cyra – Cryogenic Encounter (interchill)
Superpitcher – Jackson – Pop Ambient 2012 (kompakt)
Berlin Heritage – Spectral Enso – Land of the Rising Sun (spheric)
Mark Harris – Softly Lies Sleeping.In Slow Motion – An Idea of
North/Learning to Walk (n5md)

Synk24 – Sequor – Comfortable Void (ultimae)
Marconi Union – Always Numb – Different Colours (just music)
Gentoo – Light – Light EP (simulacra)
Forrest Fang – Tailing Wind – Animism (projekt)
Bruno Sanfilippo – The Grey Umbrella – Urbs (hypnos)
Strom Noir – Poppy Seeds – Standing Out Against the Sea (dataObscura)
Seren Ffordd/Oophoi – Unremembered – The Martian Chonicles (hypnos)
Loren Nerell – Persistence of Dream Imagery – Slow Dream (projekt)
Caul – Oblivion and Holy Drunkenness – Let the Stars Assume the Whole
of Night (hypnos)

Glenn Main – Floating.Outward Bound – Ripples (ad music)
loscil – Fifth Anchor Span – Sketches from New Brighton (kranky)
Parallel Worlds/Dave Bessell – Heterodyne – Morphogenic (DiN)
The American Dollar – Faces in the Haze – Ambient Three (yesh)
The Circular Ruins – Q.E.D. – The Birth of Tragedy (dataObscura)
Darshan Ambient – The Immense Window – Falling Light (lotuspike)
BT – Our Dark Garden – If the Stars Are Eternal
Mike Wall – Reflections – A Time for Healing (self-released)

Wave World – The Desert Riding the R’yad – Hieroglyphs (virtual factory)
JR Plankton – Regen – Neon (karaoke kalk)
Alio Die – Layer’s of Faith – Deconsecrated and Pure (projekt)
Porn Sword Tobacco – Painting World War 3 – Lost in the Humming Air (oktaf)
Amalaise – Ancient Astronauts – Twinning Pools (slobor)
The Tangent Project – Signals in Between – Fuse (self-released)

Phillip Wilkerson – Among the Nebula – The Stars and Afterward (self-released)
Air – Moon Fever – Le Voyage Dans La Lune (emi)
Nunc Stans – This Forgotten Place – Peninsula (dataObscura)
Amongst Myselves – Greybox Shadow.Bay of Dreams Ambient Landscape and
Space (self-released)
Sam Rosenthal – Rae – The Passage (projekt)
Pjusk – Granitt – Tele (glacial movements)
Cygna – Broken Dream of a Little Snail – Greenosophy (ultimae)
U Schnauss/M Peters – Underrated Silence – Underrated Silence (bureau)

Urbs Review by Electronic Music Mall

Here’s a recent review of Urbs by Bruno Sanfilippo, by Electronic Music Mall.

“Experimental ambient and expressive field recordings.

STYLE This deeply evocative album centres upon carefully selected urban field recordings gathered by Bruno Sanfilippo from such diverse locations as churches, train stations, subway platforms, streets and bars. Apart from sounds of Grand Central Station in New York, the recordings were obtained within the cities of Europe using just an iPod Touch. Not just textures to add interest to the more crafted sounds of music; these ghostly audio presences are the main forms within these blurry ethereal soundscapes. The opening track blends intriguing noise and dream-like musical abstraction from the very start: delicate tonal swells, twinkles and electronic burbles harmonise with soft footfalls, percussive disturbances, metallic clatter and echoing human hubbub. The second track The City Reflected has a somewhat harsher sound for the first fourteen minutes or so than its predecessor – distant voice fragments and turbulent movements hang among dissonant bell tones and uneasy synth pads. The conclusion softens into hypnotic harmony and leads comfortably into Chaotic Order a twenty-five-and-a-half minute nocturne of welling beauty and environmental sounds presented as if refracted through a heavy veil of sleep. The relatively brief end piece drifts in elegant meandering half slumber – muted chimes and far-off social interactions beclouded by sonic fog.

ARTWORK This glossy two-panel digipack follows the current Hypnos format: broad black upper border with expressive photo-imagery below. Ambiguous urban abstracts of turquoise and red light patterns fill both inside and outside spreads. Repeating fluid swirls pool and flow in and out of shadow like a night-time city in the drenched in rain. Cover notes reveal that the imagery was “captured inside a bus in Berlin City.” The rear cover lists the four tracks against their respective times with a quotation from Aristotle musing upon the relationship of an individual to society. Inside, the right panel supports the disc in a clear plastic grip; the left delivers recording information; thoughts on the nature of the music and relevant contact details.

OVERALL Bruno Sanfilippo plunges further and further into the abstruse depths of ambient experimentation with this new release – leaving his more melodic new age origins far behind. This is the first release by the Spanish musician on the renowned Hypnos label and a mighty introduction it is: bold, confident, luxurious and expansive. Here Bruno Sanfilippo has softened his sound palette into such subtle tones that it is pleasingly difficult to define “the boundary between [musical] sound and noise.” The usually inexpressive noise of the city becomes another instrument in the arsenal of this skilled audio-sculptor. The four tracks are of fourteen minutes forty-one; twenty minutes twenty seconds; twenty-five twenty-nine and six minutes fifty-eight seconds respectively. You can explore the music at Hypnos or the official Bruno Sanfilippo website.”

–Review by Electronic Music Mall

Purchase for $12.99 on Hypnos Online Store

Urbs Played on Stars End, Dec 2

I was sick, and forgot to mention this when it happened a couple weekends back, but Urbs got some more airplay on Chuck van Zyl’s always-excellent radio show, Star’s End, based out of Philadelphia.

Our thanks to Chuck for getting the music out there!

STAR’S END 1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning Playlist for 2 December 2012
88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia|99.7fmWXPH HarrisburgPA|90.5fmWKHS Worton/BaltimoreMD|
Host: Chuck van Zyl


Robert Schroeder – Simply Cream – Cream (spheric)
loscil – Coyote – Sketches From New Brighton (kranky)
Parallel Worlds/Dave Bessell – Heterodyne – Morphogenic (DiN)
Chuck van Zyl/Terry Furber – The Night Watch Pt 1 – Live 17 Nov 2012

Connect.Ohm – Fossil – 9980 (ultimae)
Bryan Carrigan – Horizon – Windows (self-released)
Hibernation – Wabi-Sabi – Second Nature (interchill)
Sonogram – Mood Ring – Apparent Microdots (simulacra)
Ishq – And Awake – And Awake (interchill)
The Circular Ruins – Displaced Part 1 2 3 4 – The Birth of Tragedy

Steve Moore – Ancient Shorelines II – Light Echoes (cuneiform)
Javi Canovas – Mechanical Spirit – Psychedelic Voyage (self-released)
Chuck van Zyl – Charon – Cenotaph (synkronos)

Vic Hennegan – Spacetime Voyager – Nebula Waves (self-released)
Steve Hauschildt – Sequitur – Sequitur (kranky)
Bruno Sanfilippo – The Gray Umbrella – Urbs (hypnos)
‘ramp – Flatten Them! – Astral Disaster (doombient)

Robert Davies – Arboreal – Arboreal (dataObscura)
Brian Eno – Lux 4 – Lux (warp)
Celer – Distance and Mortality – Without Retrospect the Morning
(glacial movements)
Travis & Fripp – Return to Saturn – Follow (panegyric)

Martian Chronicles Feature on Mushroom FM

Just heard from Mushroom FM internet radio host Scott Lawler that a bunch of Hypnos material will be featured on this week’s program. Scott says:

I’m going to be playing the entirety of the Martian Chronicles on this week’s program as well as tracks from intangible and Urbs. The broadcast will begin at 8 PM eastern on Friday 11/02

Our sincere thanks to Scott for helping spread the Hypnos word! You can check out that online show HERE.