May 11 Releases For Urbs by Bruno Sanfilippo

We previously mentioned an April release date for Urbs, the first Hypnos release by Bruno Sanfilippo (co-owner of the AD21 label). While we probably could have had Urbs finished by the end of this month we’ve agreed on a release date of May 11.

More information and sound clips before you know it!

Urbs by Bruno Sanfilippo, Coming in April

As mentioned last week, several CD releases intended for late 2011 were delayed but are ready to be released in short order. Urbs will be the first Hypnos by Bruno Sanfilippo, the brilliant ambient musician from Barcelona, Spain, and co-owner of the excellent AD21 label. Bruno’s own web site is at

Urbs is an intriguing combination of ambient textures with location sound recordings, along the lines of the classic Hypnos releases Sonic Continuum (Modell and Mantra) and Silence Speaks in Shadow (Paul Vnuk Jr.), but with more of an urban or cityscape flavor.

More information will be forthcoming, including sound clips. This one should be released in April, and we’ll have a more specific expected release date to announce within a couple of weeks.